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  • "Best wishes for 2017
    We are very happy with your services and will definitely use more of them this year"
    Don Langlois-Company owner-USA

    "Thank you for the report it's very complete as last one, it's good working with you once more.
    Thank you again"
    Lic. Marco A. Wallace G.-Buyer-Mexico

    "Please inform your team that I very very very very very much appreciate the valuable work that they do.
    without them, I would be scared shitless everytime when I open the doors of every container.I have been doing business in China for 33 years and I know pain. 
    Having your inspectors there, it reduces that worry, fright and pain to almost nothing"
    John shaw-Company owner-Canada

    "We have received the inspection report. We are very satisfied with the good job you had done. Thank you very much and please send the inspector our thank as well"
    Marc Mair-Brand manager-Germany
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  • Tel: +86 512 68665742
    QQ: 3310841071
    Address: High tech park, Suzhou city,jiangsu province, China

Integrity and Anti-corruption
  • In order to protect client's benefit and its partner's reputation,Trust and integrity are essentially critical,all Trustvo employees are strictly required to implement Code of Conduct and work ethics.
    Please send any non-compliance or violation report to

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Address:No.218 sufu road suzhou high tech park,Jiangsu province,China. 

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