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factory audit
Supplier factory audit
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  • Supplier factory audit

    To ensure your supplier can deliver promising and stable products,operate efficiently,and support continuous improvement,Trustvo engineers can provide the supplier audit service, to evaluate the current situation of the supplier,let you have a clear overview about them.It's also a very important part of quality control and quality assurance.

    Initial supplier evaluation

    Our engineers visit your potential or new suppliers on- site to have a basic audit on the operations, quality systems, qualifications or certifications,research or technical capability as well as the production capacity,let you have a general understanding about them.

    Quality system audit/supplier qualification audit

    Perform the audit per the quality system requirement,to determine the supplier qualification,and the actions later on.Trustvo engineers can provide the following system audit:

    ISO9000 quality system

    TS16949 quality system

    ISO14000 enviroment management system

    SA8000 Social accountability

    C-TPAT Anti-terrorism

    Manufacturing process audit

    Other specific audit required by customer

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